1863-ad-for-writersFounded in 1862 by Alvin Hardridge and his brother Nat, Minutiæ was once the #1 dog bootie magazine in the country, far eclipsing the lesser dog foot-covering related periodicals, excluding the now-defunct “Dog Foot & Sock Quarterly.” During World War II, all content was replaced with heavily encrypted messages in Navajo to be sent amongst the Allies, mostly concerning procedures for cleaning and storing of pots and tent poles. After peace had been obtained, it became a lifestyle magazine for the Navajo, spawning “Minutiæ Sports” and “Minutiæ Home & Garden.” In 1978, publishing magnate Harris Fellman bought the magazine and reörganized it into the current iteration (though several buyouts and corporate struggles have occurred since).

The magazine is a startling and bold publication of the current events and topics that concern America and the world today.

“It’s bourgeois for the proletariat.” – Arthur Ashe