1863-ad-for-writersFounded in 1862 by Alvin Hardridge and his brother Nat, Minu­tiæ was once the #1 dog bootie mag­a­zine in the coun­try, far eclips­ing the lesser dog foot-covering related peri­od­i­cals, exclud­ing the now-defunct “Dog Foot & Sock Quar­terly.” Dur­ing World War II, all con­tent was replaced with heav­ily encrypted mes­sages in Navajo to be sent amongst the Allies, mostly con­cern­ing pro­ce­dures for clean­ing and stor­ing of pots and tent poles. After peace had been obtained, it became a lifestyle mag­a­zine for the Navajo, spawn­ing “Minu­tiæ Sports” and “Minu­tiæ Home & Gar­den.” In 1978, pub­lish­ing mag­nate Har­ris Fell­man bought the mag­a­zine and reörganized it into the cur­rent iter­a­tion (though sev­eral buy­outs and cor­po­rate strug­gles have occurred since).

The mag­a­zine is a star­tling and bold pub­li­ca­tion of the cur­rent events and top­ics that con­cern Amer­ica and the world today.

“It’s bour­geois for the pro­le­tariat.” — Arthur Ashe