Guidance and Advice — Redemption


Susan Alan-Wenswick is a pro­lific Life Spe­cial­ist, work­ing in the metro Miami area. She has writ­ten sev­eral books, includ­ing most recently Trees from Stones: The Nature All Around You

I’m a devout Catholic and just entered into an interfaith relationship. I really like the guy, but my religion is one of the most important aspects of my life and I’m having trouble not being able to share it with him.
Relationships are about making compromises and taking chances. Find aspects of your faith that you and your new beau can share. Is it the belief in a higher power? Is it the moral guidance? Is it the idea that intercourse can only happen during a full moon because of the tides in the Paradise Grotto? Whatever it is, remember to also embrace the differences. That’s what makes a relationship keeps things interesting.

I recently moved from Boston and am looking to become more involved in the community. I used to spend a lot of time at a synagogue, but I’m worried about being alienated. I hate being the new person!
I had the same issue when I first came to Secret Meadow. Sometimes a new community  of like minded and intensely focused people can seem scary at first, but once you embrace it (the customs, the schedule, the burlap clothing), you’ll realize that even though they call it “Morning Dredge,” it’s just breakfast. Plus, you may find interests you never knew you had. For example, I didn’t know I liked welding until I started working on the Star Cruiser!

Ma’am, this is FBI Agent Brewster, we believe that the “community” you have been staying with for the past two months is a cult.
Uh, sir, that’s ridiculous. If that was the case, I’m sure my new boyfriend Clan Master who brought me to Secret Meadow would have said something while we were in the Paradise Grotto.

Well, ma’am, what did he you tell you?
He told me he was a rocket scientist!

Just because someone says they are going to build a spaceship, doesn’t make them a rocket scientist.
Look, he’s a renaissance man! He’s a painter, a model, a singer, a poet, a guide and a genius. I mean, how many celestial pathways have you discovered, you narc? Plus, he’s a financial wizard. He was able to put all of my money into leafberries. I bet you haven’t even HEARD of leafberries, you fed!
Leave me alone! I am missing the tea ceremony. Clan Master says if any of us miss the tea ceremony it’s going to be another 30,000 years until we can board the Star Cruiser to take us to Heaven’s Meadow! Oh no, they’re already taking the pre-boarding elixir. And now they’re getting all sleepy, just like we’re supposed to! I’m being left behind! And now they’re not moving. Oh… Do you know where I could find out how much leafberry commodities are worth? Oh dear… ✦