Second Thought – Worth


Who’s at the door? Is it Lady Liberty begging for shelter from the night stalkers in your municipal park? It’s time for us to start reconsidering what is going on this Liberated United Federation we live in. Can we consider, for a moment please, who is behind the downfall?

Every day we let our governesses step down to pursue a lifetime of glad handing and baby patting in Hollywood, if that place is not just an invention of the Hollywood Elite. Did I say that? Are they to blame for our current economic and cultural tumbling? And, are we ignoring the obvious? IS THIS COUNTRY LOSING ITS VALUES?

Where do the train tracks run afoul? Let’s just consider how difficult it would be to reorder the letters in Helsinki to read Pakistan. Is it possible? I didn’t make any claims. I don’t want to weigh down our national pride with burdens of proof. No, I am just a concerned member of this Union. I am a Minuteman on the forefront of keeping ourselves above water. And who is draining that faucet? Is it the Ron Paul Jihadists? I didn’t say that. I’m just asking the questions.

What I am saying is that the truth is layered like double-ply. Are there rumors of Ron Paul and his fundamentalists infiltrating YouTube? Could there be rumors as to that fact? In a simpler world, we would not need to pose these questions, but we cannot sit at home and wonder if the next Ron Paul is going to be YouTube. Is YouTube a member of the Underground Bourgeois? I didn’t say that, but let’s suppose that fact is truth. The rabbit hole opens wider. Follow.

When was the last time you saw quinoa being put on your sandwiches at Subway? How many terrorist cells exchange messages at farmers' markets? Is that Jihadist serving you an apple? By extension, is the witch in Snow White a high ranking member of Al-Qaeda? If so, are the seven dwarfs the Coalition and the princess herself the helpless Afghani people? Along the same lines, did Walt Disney have access to a crystal ball or a set of highly tuned convex lenses that allowed him to peer into the future and inject what he saw into the 1937 animated classic? Is Dumbo Mr. Disney’s warning of the homosexual elite’s plans to eradicate the Republican party?

I didn’t say that, but it’s your Second Thought. ♦