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Susan Alan-Wenswick is a prolific Life Specialist, working in the metro Miami area. She has written several books, including most recently Piecing Together Puzzle Life, based on her blog Puzzle Life.

I’ve been unemployed for almost a year and a half and afraid I’ll never find employment. I’m starting to feel like the world has just rejected me. What can I do?
Take a look outside, sister, because that’s where the old rules are. We’re living in a brave new world and if you’re feeling rejected it’s time to inject yourself right back in there. Start a homemade honey business, or resell vintage clothing online, or find a new avenue for your skills when your publisher drops you. I didn’t know when I started my Puzzle Life blog that it would become the hit it did. Just goes to show that when life has you down, it’s then you have the most to come back up with.

I was using the “do the corners first” method of your Puzzle Life philosophy, and I was so focused on me that my boyfriend up and left. How can I apologize, and integrate him better into my life?
Now that you have got your corners done and have a proper Me-Foundation, you’re ready to build on that by bringing others into your life. Maybe it’s an overbearing mother or a free wheeling sister, a philandering ex-husband or a rambunctious teenage daughter. There’s space for everything within the Puzzle Frame. For example, I recently ventured into turning my popular blog into a self-publishing hit. While the results may still be out, I’m happier and more optimistic than ever. Just remember the maxim: “Some people are sky, some people are grass, and only a few can be the sun.”

Hi, Susan, it’s Martin from Biscayne Books, we’re wondering when you’re going to be picking up all the damaged copies of Puzzle Life from your book signing?
Thanks for the update, Martin. Part of the excitement of being a strong independent business woman is the risk, and sadly I was not able to sell all of the books at my recent signing. There was a very emphatic turnout and I always wanted Puzzle of Life to be a slow burning grass-roots book club book.

It’s Martin again. I remember how they got damaged. You tripped into the display after refusing to leave the store.
Everyone likes to be fashionably late, so when only my florist Gregor DeChanté Grove and his non-English speaking Polynesian confidant had turned up for the book signing after two hours, I knew that the throngs and hordes were only around the corner ready to flood the store. Sadly, there was some confusion between myself and your security guards. I ended up pinned beneath a pile of my own unsold books, triggering the fire suppression system and damaging the paperbacks. It could really happen to anyone who decided to wisely invest their savings into self-publishing a book based on their Boppbopp-certified blog. But, as we say in The Puzzle Life, sometimes pieces just have to be jammed together because they’ve been in the box so long they’ve warped. ♦