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Susan Alan-Wenswick is a prolific Life Specialist, working in the metro Miami area. She has written several books, including most recently You Are the Champion: How to Empower Yourself in a Changing World.

I just moved to a new town and don't know anyone. What's the best way to meet people and make new friends?

Don't worry—it seems harder than it is to meet potential new friends (and single men) in your area.
The easiest way is to try new hobbies! You could join an intramural sports team, take tango lessons, or take an art class. There's nothing better to fill empty shelves in a new condo than your own pottery. Having common interests makes conversations — and relationships — easy to start.

I just turned 40 and I've been feeling really down about myself. I feel like I've done nothing with my life. What advice do you have for someone in my position?

Remember that you are your own grain of sand in the great beach of the universe. You are just as important as your boss, your neighbors, or your ex-husband's new wife.
When I'm not feeling my best, I like to work on my Vision Board (See Chapter 16 of my book Winning Alone). I go through my old copies of Marie Claire and USA Today and cut out pictures that represent the future I want to have. I paste them on my bulletin board and just sit back, looking at the great years that are yet to come!

Speaking of your future plans, I hear you're going to lead a local Girl Scout Troop.

I guess good news travels fast! Indeed, a few months ago I submitted my application to theGirl Scouts of America Council of Tropical Florida, Inc. I haven't heard back yet — the council and I have been playing a never ending game of phone tag — but I'm fully confident that very soon I will be helping girls to achieve their full potential!

That's weird, because one of my friends heard back a few days after she applied.

Well, your friend must have had some sort of “in” with the council. I'm overqualified if anything! I'm sure it's just taken them four months to find the perfect spot for me.
But, you're right, it is weird that no one has acknowledged my calls, emails, or Edible Arrangements… I can't argue with you there. But, come on, we're all busy, right?
There's no way they would reject me. I'm a catch by anyone's standards. I have so much time to commit to those girls. To teach them not to make the same mistakes I did, like drinking schnapps at prom or marrying too young. I'm a published author, for crying out loud! Someone at the Girl Scout Council should be reading this, because I am a catch!
Seriously, though, if you are reading this, call me back. My number's on those embroidered goose feather pillows I sent you in January. ♦