Issue #3 “Worth” Available Now

Worth is now avail­able as a PDF.

“And as the last drop of blood fell to the Earth,” it is writ­ten, “Josi­ah declared the man final­ly wor­thy of enter­ing the city [of Jerusalem].” Let this melt in your mind, not in the sand, for truer words have nev­er been more potent. The scent of a fresh cut flower for the May­or of a small town. The tip­ping of scales, one side gold, the oth­er brisket. Tears shed for a dowry just not quite there yet. Leather bound suede. Argen­tin­ian cafes swarm­ing with men of high stature exchang­ing pesos. Ura­ni­um coat­ed cred­it cards with astro­nom­i­cal inter­est rates. A man who slays drag­ons while mak­ing an omelet. Every day, we see it in many shapes, sizes, creeds, cre­dence, and clear waters. Let Minu­tiæ show it to you with arti­cles, jour­nal­is­tic exploits, exquis­ite art and mag­nif­i­cent col­ors in Worth.