On the Menu — Food


The metro area has seen a handful of dining options open their doors these past few months. Minutiae senior food critic Patty Dole took a look to see which ones you should be checking out.

De La Plate is the latest Southern Italian eatery from chef Jermaine Marguzi in the newly revitalized Shoreline, so my hopes were high. So high I even scheduled a date there with a young lawyer I met online named Tony. While I waited for Tony to arrive, I got to experience De La Plate’s excellent service. My waiter provided me with plenty of water and bread as 8pm became 9pm, 9 became 10, 10 became 11… and I began to worry that Tony was not going to come. As the wait staff began to place chairs on tabletops and the restaurant closed, I realized I never got around to trying the famed brushetta – or any of the other dishes for that matter. Next time, Chef Marguzi.

Morning Dew is a new brunch spot on the city’s recently revitalized south side. It’s also near my new friend Tony’s work and we made plans to meet there after the scheduling mishap at De La Plate. Morning Dew’s staff suggests trying one of their signature scrambles or a cup of Portland-based Whimple Roasters coffee. Upon arriving, however, I was worried Tony wouldn’t see me sitting inside so I decided to wait out front. The restaurant’s valet drivers were very friendly and even offered to bring me coffee or juice as I waited most of the morning for Tony to arrive. Alas, Morning Dew stopped serving about 3pm and I never got to sample their trademark breakfast scones.

Mom’s Sandwiches is a popular sub and salad shop in the recently revitalized Downtown Middle Core. While crowded on the weekends, drop by on a Wednesday or Thursday around lunchtime and you’ll get a table right away. Come at the right time and you’ll even see the man who’s-promised-to-take-you-to-dinner-twice-and-stood-you-up-both-times having ice tea with another woman. I can’t say that Mom’s food is good, but their tables are easy to knock over and their drinks are perfect for throwing in people’s faces. If you’re a lying bastard, Mom’s seems like the ideal place to meet your latest slut.

These will be Patty Dole’s last reviews for Minutiae as she is now attempting to Eat, Pray, Love herself into giving her life meaning.