Department of Salutations — Reconciliation


Hello, there. I am Greg F. Hapsner, Public Liaison Officer for Ridgecomm, the premier American telecommunications company. We are thrilled to be the new owners of Minutiæ Publishing, following the collapse of Testing System at the hands of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We hope the US Marshals bring their entire executive board back to the United States to stand trial, which is why we’re so thrilled with this month’s theme: Reconciliation. At the core, Ridgecomm is all about bringing people together, be it by offering exciting cable television packages, blazingly fast internet connectivity, or our affordable phone services.

Sometimes connecting with folks can be tough. One of the more infuriating aspects of telephony are lost signals, so we make sure to record every conversation on our lines in case a call ever drops. It’s because we care. With all the cord cutting going on, modern telephony sometimes seem

s like more trouble than the convenience it offers. That’s why exciting services like Signal-Locator allow your telephone to be tracked, no matter where you go, or even if the phone is off. All this and more in exciting packages like SuperPlay, Web+SpeedBoost with NFL Playback, Local Anytime Rollover Premium Channels, 3D Web, Web+JetBoost with TBS Weekend Cavalry, Visual Radio+JetBoost Quad Play and FCC Required Low Income Web Access (still coming soon).

Ridgecomm began as Blueridge Telephony in 1886 before expanding West in 1912 to service the American Southwest as Redridge Telephonics & Humidifications, before becoming Ridge Communications in 1941. In 1982, the company was split up by the US Department of Justice into Ridgecomm, Rockphony, Kreft!, and MOGAVO. Since then Ridgecomm has expanded into offering telephone, high definition television and high speed internet in exciting bundle packages like Ultratainment+SpeedBoost, Trips4Six, and Ring+Bling+Zing For Teens.

There’s so much worry about internet censorship that Ridgecomm has introduced special services to ensure that you won’t ever lose access to the online tools you love & depend on. Ridgecomm’s Email Proofmaster reads, catalogs, and fixes your errors to ensure that you say what YOU want to say. Our Core6 cybersecurity team is constantly monitoring all web traffic for malicious viruses or copyrighted material that could harm your system or infect your children’s minds. Additionally, our PetWatch web cam software keeps a 360° eye on your house whether you’re home or not!

Ridgecomm will keep all of your services streaming at lightning fast speeds to your home or office with cutting-edge packages like Lights+SpeedBoost with CS

PAN Music, Blogs+SliceBoost World Hotel Info Channels, Secret Neighborhood Web with OpenShare, and WatchingU for College Students. You must always stay connected with Ridgecomm! ♦