Food // 11.14

Stuff it in your craw. Slurp it down your gullet. Suck it in your hole. However you devour, we all do it. The genius at Charmed Pluot have taken over Minutiæ to bring you the most important journalism there will ever be.

Friction // 7.14

It keeps us from moving forward. Holds us back from getting ahead. Grinds. Drags. Scrapes. But we need it. We have to have it. Because without it, nothing means anything.

Redemption // 3.14

They done you wrong. You done wrong. Wrong has was done. Yet, there are ways to turn it around. Make it better. Do right. Turn the darkness into the light.

Minutiæ 100 // 11.13

The 100 Most Important People, Places, and Ideas from 2013

Minutiæ Kids // 9.13

BACK TO SCHOOL ALREADY!?!?!?! No more summer is for sure a bummer, but it's time to get cool with some righteously whammy stuff that Minutiæ Kids has jam-packed for you in this issue.

Purity // 1.70

White curtains gently flutter in the late afternoon summer breeze in the room where your daughter naps. Downstairs you stare at the glass of whiskey, wondering if you can hold off long enough before your husband comes back from work to stop you. Natural. Simplicity. Purity.

Strength // 2.13

A necessary investigation of what muscles, mind and might.

Giving // 11.12

In this age of super natural disasters, fiduciary unraveling, and the pre-post apocalyptic marauding, it is ever more important to think of others, donate your time, and being charitable to the world. Come with us now, as we explore the nature of giving.

Prestige // 8.12

Ribbons. Plaques. Medals. Statues. Meat Baskets.

Reconciliation // 1.70

Celebrate the Minutiæ Sesquicentennail with a delve into the bonds between man, woman and child. What brings us together, what draws us apart.

Fairness // 1.70

A peek at the corners of what keeps society from eating each other whole.

Progress // 1.70

A nervous glance where we've come from and a forward staring gawk towards the future.

Safety // 1.70

Look both ways at this study of the sharp multi-pronged sword of protection.

Wellness // 1.70

A retrospective on eating right, active lifestyles and modern medicine.

Thankfulness // 1.70

An exploration of thankfulness, appreciation, tipping, happiness and general glee for the actions of others.


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